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As much as you take care of your finances, a slight oversight or even an unforeseen event can end up putting your name on the SPC, and this can become a headache. The problem is that precisely in this situation it is more difficult to get the approval of banks and financiers.

If this is your case, do not despair! In Brazil there are companies specializing in credit for negatives, you should carefully research the companies, lenders and their proposals.


How it works?


This type of loan, is for those who want to clear the name and pay off debts, it is worth mentioning that in this modality the interest is higher, since it has a history of non-payment of bills. To apply for this type of loan simply.

1- Make a deal with companies where you have restrictions

Now that you know the amount you need to get, make sure you get the amount of installments you can pay each month so you don’t get into debt again


2- Analyze the company that can make the best proposal for you.

After these important steps, the company will ask for data such as: CPF, bank account, address, ID … It will make an analysis, and in a matter of minutes you will have the approval of your credit, being approved, in a matter of hours the money already falls. in your account.



credit loans

Even with the name negated, the company in which the loan was requested does an analysis for the approval of your credit:

  • Score: The score represents how good a payer you are, it is essential for any type of loan.
  • Cadastral Data: The data is very important for your analysis, be sure to fill it in correctly.
  • Bank History: The history is only for the evaluation of account movement.


What are the advantages?

loan advantage

Staying with the restricted name can make you lose a job vacancy, a public job or a competition and especially prevent you from making a credit card or even getting a savings. That’s why you should pay off your debts as quickly as possible with installments that fit your pocket.



credit loans

There are many fraudulent websites and companies that take advantage of the situation to charge advance deposits, for example.

Watch out for companies that do not have contact information eg email or phone numbers

Another important caution is the interest. Compare the Total Effective Cost (CET) to the credits you are researching before signing the contract.

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